The "dweller" is a nocturnal creature commonly found in dark areas such as caves, or abandoned structures. They typically stand around 6-8 feet (1.83m-2.44m) tall. Dwellers tend to avoid sunlight at all costs; the radiation of the sun causes them extreme pain and blistering of the skin. However, they are immune to any other forms of light.

Dwellers typically avoid contact with humans, but they have a keen interest in man-made items, and can often be seen hoarding them as a result of scavenging dead bodies. Rarely, there will be dwellers who actively hunt for humans just to obtain their items. They tend to feast on small mammals as well as rodents, such as rats. They have also been seen living as scavengers. When food is scarce, dwellers will result to cannibalism, or even devour themselves in desperation.

They have an imp-ish mannerism, often outsmarting not only its prey but also humans, as well. Dwellers can be extremely elusive when they do not want to be seen.

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